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HELPER Workshops SUMMER 2013
MASTER CLASSES IN: Drawing and Painting             435-650-2808


Helper Workshops

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Paul Davis   
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Retired University of Utah professor, Paul is a full time professional artist living in Teasdale, Utah.

He studied with James Weeks and Phillip Guston (BFA, 1973; MFA,1975) at Boston University. Teaching experience includes: Boston University, Art Institute of Boston, Regis College (Weston, Mass.), and painting & drawing at the University of Utah 1977-2001.

Paul Davis
“I believe in teaching the body of knowledge which artists have developed over the last five hundred years and have managed to pass on to each other directly either through their work or their teaching. My goal is to help people to understand how painters see. I am as interested in the look of things as I am in the underlying structure of appearances.”